Support for Ukraine (english version)

Support for Ukraine is a project of the association in partnership with independent  volunteers, in which medical and humanitarian aid supplies are delivered to Ukraine.The volunteers are Ukrainian friends of the association. The contents of the deliveries (especially materials for the treatment of the wounded) are coordinated with a coordination office in Ukraine in order to ensure that the goods are delivered only in accordance with the needs. Cassiopeia e.V. is in charge of the financial and administrative side of the project.

Support for Ukraine is fully funded by donations.

First, the aid supplies are collected in Wroclaw, then they are transported into Ukraine.
This unit of Ukrainian emergency paramedics has received donated medical aid supplies.
The antibiotics in the three brown boxes pictured here are worth 3000€.

Which humanitarian goods are being transported and how much do they cost?

The ongoing war and the failure of the evacuations have made the need for these supplies all the more urgent. We need your support for the aid transports and are grateful for your donations of any size.

Infant formula in the form of powdered milk can be used as supplement or as replacement of breast milk during infancy.
Paramedics use them to support joints and to pad and protect wounded body parts.
Paramedics use triangular bandages to fixate a medical splint or as an arm sling for a wounded person.
Paramedics use the device to tightly apply pressure to wounded arms or legs to stop the bleeding.
Paramedics use the antiseptic to disinfect skin, mucous membranes, and wounds.
This reserve antibiotic is used by doctors to kill bacteria and resistant pathogens. It is used to treat infections of the airways, the urinary tract, and the abdomen as well as sepsis.
Medical staff uses the novel antibiotic against resistant pathogens transmitted in hospitals. It is used to treat infections of the skin and soft tissue as well as hospital-acquired pneumonia. It is administered intravenously via a infusion solution.
The transport route of medical and humanitarian aid goods and refugees leads from Berlin over Wrocław to Warsaw and back to Berlin.
Emergency doctors use the broad-spectrum antibiotic to block the proliferation of bacteria and to kill them. It can be given in tablet form.
How did the project start?
more about the development
A few weeks ago, through personal contacts in Ukraine, the association came up with the idea for a project involving young people in Ukraine. Due to Russia’s attack on the entire Ukraine, the original idea could no longer be implemented.

A few days after the beginning of the invasion, we were approached by two Ukrainian friends of the association living in Germany, Kostja and Viktoryia. At that time, they had already carried out two private humanitarian transports based on their connections to an aid organisation in Poland. They had also managed to establish contacts with a Ukrainian healthcare provider. This enables them to tailor their purchases to local needs.

Together, we worked out how we as an association could best support the volunteer initiative in its work. Cassiopeia e.V. is taking over the financial and administrative organisation of the project, while Kostja, Viktoryia, Felita, Nadiia and a second Viktoriia are taking care of the actual organisation and implementation of the humanitarian transports as independent volunteers.

How do the humanitarian transports work?
more about the process
The aid transports are carried out as follows: The donations related to the project are received on our association account. The volunteer team in Germany uses these donations to purchase medical supplies that are urgently needed in Ukraine and are not sufficiently available. They then transport them personally from Berlin to Wroclaw. From there, the humanitarian goods are transported to Ukraine through a Polish volunteer organisation by their own drivers or in cooperation with the Red Cross. On the way back, Viktoryia and Kostja offer refugees a ride from Poland to Berlin.
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